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The Online School

Experience yourself beyond limitations, de-program and de-condition, expand and move beyond the known, learn about your human system and potential and ... spread your wings.

The matrix of your mind does not need to be solved.

Just discover that the real is in the beyond. 


Here is the upcoming spring program with a big welcome to the New.

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Your Center

Your Center

Life Energy Source Home Inner Temple Seat of Buddhahood 25 - 26 February Weekend Course

Chakra 1

Chakra 1

Body Money Trust Health Survival Birth Instincts Fear Ancestors 4 - 5 March Weekend Course

Chakra 2

Chakra 2

Relating Feeling(s) Pleasure Needs Selfvalue Intimacy Addiction 11 - 12 March Weekend Course

Chakra 3

Chakra 3

Power Emotions Joy Individuality Dignity Astral Body Past Lives 18 - 19 March Weekend Course

Chakra 4

Chakra 4

Love Thinking to Being Acceptance Romantic Innocence 25 - 26 March Weekend Course

Chakra 5

Chakra 5

Expression Beliefs Creativity Spirituality Bliss Akashic Records 1 - 2 April Weekend Course

Chakra 6

Chakra 6

Clarity Meditation Seeing 3rd Eye Psychic Powers Cosmic Body 8 - 9 April Weekend Course

Chakra 7

Chakra 7

Healing Meditation Oneness Celebration Superconsciousness 15 - 16 April Weekend Course

Transforming Yourself

Transforming Yourself

Male-Female Balance Inner Alchemy New Ways Harmony 28 April - 2 May Retreat@home

Your Feminine Spirit

Your Feminine Spirit

Empowerment Womanhood Liberation Archetypes De-Conditioning 19 - 23 May Retreat@home (women only)

Discovering Your 7 Chakras

Discovering Your 7 Chakras

Energy Healing Alignment Subtle Bodies Expansion Synchronicity 9 - 13 June Retreat@home

Your Center

Your Center

Life Energy Source Home Inner Temple Seat of Buddhahood 24 - 25 June Weekend Course

Practical Information

Weekend Course

4 hours daily live online teaching via Zoom

Timings: 15:00 - 19:00 Central Europe Time

Fee: 110€

Retreat @home

1,5 hours daily live online teaching via Zoom incl. home practice

Timings 18:00 - 19:30 Central Europe Time

Fee: 110€

You can read more about the map of the 7 Chakras and the Hara below. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

The Hara center is the source of all your energy. It can grow just like a tree grows from the roots into different branches.


Between the first center, the Hara, and the seventh center in the head, the energy can move just like the energy moves into different branches of a tree - from the roots to the uppermost flowering. The Hara is the source. When it blossoms, it reaches suddenly to the seventh center, piercing your heart, your throat, and at the seventh center it blossoms as a lotus. Man is also a flowering tree.



Jivan Ananta - Centering Course
Your Center
Life Energy Source Home Inner Temple Seat of Buddhahood

This course is an experience to reconnect with and explore your inner center. This inner center is the source of your life energy, your inner home, your inner temple, your Buddha nature and your inner deepest connection with existence. In Japanese it is called 'Hara'. The Hara is also called ‘The center of life and death'. In this course you can experience the various layers and deeper aspects of the Hara. Experiencing this inner center can give you deep relaxation and the discovery of your 'inner home’. The Hara in its deepest layer can become your guide in life. Once you know this center with all its various layers of inner support, your life can become a peaceful and relaxed affair and your meditation an ever deepening experience. You are invited to come home to yourself.

Jivan Ananta - Chakra 1 Course
Chakra 1
Body Money Trust Survival Instincts Fear Ancestors

Your 1. Chakra is the energy centre that is associated with your physical body and the basic material aspects of your life - money, food, health and the place you live in. In a deeper level this energy center is related to your survival, instincts and your genetic heritage.

Issues and stress in these areas of your life are the result of energetic tensions in this energy center. Also inner restlessness, the need to control everything, living with habits and structures and being a so-called workaholic relate to tensions in the 1. Chakra. These energetic tensions or blocked energies do not allow you to really live spontaneously but keep you on the level of fear. In the course you learn meditative techniques to release blocked energies and meditations that are especially tuned to this 1. Chakra. Being aware of the potential in this Chakra gives you again a choice to live your life in your own way - grounded and trusting. Then your life can be an experience of fun, play, happiness and passion.

Jivan Ananta - Chakra 2 Course
Chakra 2
Relating Feeling(s) Pleasure Needs Intimacy Addiction

The 2. Chakra is an energy center in the belly and relates to the 2. subtle body, the Etheric Body. It gives you the experiences of feeling and feelings, needs, sensitivity, sensuousness, pleasure and enjoyment. It is the energy center where you experience your intimacy and your sexuality.  Whenever the energy is not flowing well in the 2. Chakra, you experience conflicts in your ability to connect and feel, to relate with yourself and the other. You experience problems and tensions, co-dependency issues, shame, and often rejection and abandonment.  This can also become a deep feeling of unworthiness. You can learn how to release old feelings, learn about your needs and likes and you can discover new ways in your relating. It can be a pleasurable flow of meeting and melting. It can be an enjoyment of all your senses. In this course you are invited to open, explore and experiment!

Jivan Ananta - Chakra 3 Course
Chakra 3
Power Emotions Joy Individuality Astral Body Past Lives

Your 3. Chakra is the seat of your individuality and power and relates to the area of the Solar Plexus, the stomach and the middle back. It is the energy center that is connected to your emotions. Emotions happen in the 3. subtle body, also called the Astral Body.

The course offers a deep cleansing and transformation of the many misunderstandings of power: comparison, judgement, criticism, blame, manipulation, strategies, depression and more. This Chakra relates to ‘The World of the Ego’ and reflects for most of us our daily reality.

Once these tensions are released your 3. Chakra can give you the experience of your integrity, equality, uniqueness and dignity.

Jivan Ananta - Chakra 4 Course
Chakra 4
Love Thinking to Being Acceptance Romantic Dream Innocence

The 4. Chakra is also called the Heart Chakra and is an energy center that relates to your chest area, the upper middle back and your arms and hands. Your Heart gives you the experience of love. And this phenomenon we call love - human love and the love for the divine - has been 'polluted' or conditioned in so many ways in our human history. There is sentimental or romantic love, devotion has been influenced by religions ... and more.  In this course you learn how to let go, release these misunderstandings and reconnect with your 'original' heart - pure, innocent and unconditional. Your Heart exists in the here and now and is an inner bridge to your being. Surrendering to your Heart and Love might be the best step to take in your life!

Jivan Ananta - Chakra 5 Course
Chakra 5
Expression Beliefs Creativity Spirituality Bliss Akashic Records

The 5. Chakra is the center of your expression. It gives you the experiences of communication and creativity. This can be with your voice or your body - speaking, dancing, painting, writing and so many other possibilities of expressing yourself. Your expression is your connection and sharing with the outside world. This Chakra relates to your throat and neck area and is connected to your 5. subtle body, the Spiritual Body. The Spiritual Body is commonly called 'the Soul'. It holds your karmic identifications. Our Karma (our bigger past beyond this life) exists as energetic tensions which we experience as our essential belief structure, our identity. These beliefs create our reality, our matrix. In the course you learn techniques that support you to free up and break through limitations, opening to a blissful state of sharing. Discover what happens when you surrender to your truth and authenticity and flow in freedom ...

Jivan Ananta - Chakra 6 Course
Chakra 6
Clarity Meditation Seeing Cosmic Body Psychic Powers

Whenever you turn your attention inside, your 6. Chakra gets activated and nourished. It is the seat of your awareness, your ability to witness and observe and it grows with meditation. The 6. Chakra relates to the physical area of the whole head, especially the eyes and the center of the head. This energy centre has many dormant qualities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, visions and other psychic powers. It can become an inner support where you can receive guidance from the cosmos and have the possibility to experience higher dimensions or contact with light beings. Whenever the 6. Chakra carries tensions, the experience is that of confusion, a sense of being disconnected and lost, not trusting your inner voice and guidance, feeling overwhelmed and even mentally imbalanced. In the course you learn how to relax and flow with your own inner wisdom and this can bring a deep relaxation and alignment into your life. You also experience specific meditations for this Chakra.

Jivan Ananta - Chakra 7 Course
Chakra 7
Healing Meditation Oneness Celebration Superconsciousness

The 7. Chakra is the energy center that gives you the experience of union or oneness with all that is, with existence. It relates with the top of your head and is also called 'Crown Chakra' and represents the highest state of your consciousness, which means 'the best in you'! This is also your potential as a human being in this life, and is also called 'enlightenment'. This energy center is activated and nourished by meditation only. One of the experiences of the 7. Chakra state of your consciousness is 'celebration'. A celebration without any cause and as a basic quality of life as such. The 7. Chakra is an opening to higher dimensions of life. In this course you can learn about the phenomenon called 'Channelling' and you can learn tools to contact higher levels of consciousness in a safe and clear way. You also learn meditation techniques related to this Chakra.

Jivan Ananta - Inner Alchemy Course
Transforming Yourself
Male-Female Balance Alchemy New Ways Harmony

A Retreat @home for everyone teaching new ways to bring balance, harmony, peace and more inner awareness into your life.


In this retreat you can explore and experience the most basic inner polarities such as the male and female energies in you. You learn about your  so-called 'Inner Man and Inner Woman'. This relates to the different workings of your left and right brain.
You can learn that contradictions, limitations and conflicts inside yourself can be transformed into composites, expansion and harmony. This retreat will give you the learning and tools to practice.

Jivan Ananta - Feminine Spirit Course
Opening to Your Feminine Spirit
Empowerment Womanhood Liberation Archetypes (women only)

A Well-Being Retreat for every woman to get transformed, liberated, empowered and nourished. We inquire into our definitions and understandings as a woman and we explore the roles we took on in life and question it all!

You can learn new ways to open your authentic potential you carry as a woman. You learn techniques and meditations for growth and awakening in total freedom as a woman.

This retreat gives you a new beginning of your womanhood.

Jivan Ananta - 7 Chakras Course
Discovering Your 7 Chakras
Energy Aura Growing Alignment Subtle Bodies Expansion

In this retreat you can discover and experience your Chakras. You learn techniques to release tensions, heal old wounds and discover inner hidden powers and talents.

You learn where you can grow and expand and where you can find nourishment and rest. Discover that everything you need is already available inside. You also learn meditation techniques specifically for the 7 Chakras.


Here is more information to read and know about the human map of the 7 Chakras and the Center, the Hara.


As a human being we all have the same energetic system. You receive your basic life energy from the universe through the so-called inner center, the Hara. It is like a navel chord to life as such. From your inner center the energy that makes you alive, that makes you capable of doing things, of using your mind's capacities in creative ways ... from this center your life energy flows through the Chakras. These Chakras are energy centers giving you the possibilities to share energy in certain frequencies, vibrations or colors. We experience these frequencies as our different human qualities. Energy can become your physical action, a feeling or an emotion, a thought or love or .... everything essentially is energy. 


The Chakras also represent different levels of consciousness. A politician acts from a different level of consciousness than a yogi or a prostitute or a tribal mother or a monk or ..... and this is the colorful mix of human life. And the choice we have in our life is, that we can evolve to a more conscious way of living, we can awaken. This is our potential as human beings.


Chakras were discovered thousands of years ago in India by a master called Patanjali, who is also the original founder of Yoga. Chakra means ‚wheel’ and the Chakras are primarily energy centers. They exist to support the flow of our life energy. Once the Chakras function well your energy is flowing well and you are well.


The map of the main 7 Chakras gives a wide understanding not only regarding your physical health but also your psychological and spiritual well-being. Each Chakra is a different expression of your life energy. You can experience it as different qualities, vibrations or colors. And each Chakra is also a different state of your consciousness, which you might experience as different parts of yourself.


The different energies of the Chakras create different life situations and experiences. For example when you train at the gym you might feel different than when you share your love. Or working in the office is different from dancing to your favorite music. Life gives us so many possibilities to experience ourselves.


Tensions in a Chakra will manifest as difficulties, problems and challenges in life. A Chakra where the energy flows well will be a pleasant positive experience, something you like, you enjoy and love in your life. Each Chakra has a connection with the physical body as well as the related Subtle- or Energy Body. The Energy Bodies are layers that create your Aura or energy field.


In the courses you can experience your Chakras, learn how to release tensions, let old wounds heal and discover inner hidden powers and talents. Becoming more aware of your inner world naturally opens in an easy way to the experience of meditation. Meditation is essentially the art of relaxation and the experience of a state beyond mind, your real self or consciousness.


Find out where you can grow and expand and where you can find nourishment and rest. Experience that everything you need is there inside you.

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