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About me,

And here is some information about my personal and professional background for all the curious visitors and all those of you who simply want to know.

My full name is Ma Jivan Ananta and is given by Osho. The meaning is 'Mother Life Endless' and you can understand it as a spiritual device. Osho often explains the deeper meaning of a spiritual name as a 'total cut of the past' which created our essential identity.

I came in contact with Osho first in 1978 by reading one of his books and listening to his voice speaking in one of the many discourse. It was a recording on tape and I listened again and again for months, it became my daily remedy. I felt 'here I can relax'. Later in 1980 I travelled to Pune in India the first time and was lucky to be able to be in Osho's presence, joining one of his discourses. So again I was listening to his voice but now it was a live experience. I know I'll never forget the taste of silence in the meditation hall, it is imprinted in my inner. This was the beginning of my new way of living with Osho as my spiritual master. I felt I was coming home. And my first 'meditation love' was the Kundalini meditation created by him.

Professionally I come from an IT background and so I was well trained in the workings of the left brain. Logic was my playground and I lived in a comfortable 'golden cage'. In 1990 I travelled again to India and arrived back in Pune just a few days before Osho left his body. This became another turning point in my life and I jumped into the unknown. I left everything behind such as my job, relationship, home, etc. I surrendered to my heart and reconnected the world of the irrational, my right brain. I learned or better remembered qualities of myself that had been dormant in the unconscious or were not welcomed by the outer life. Healing, compassion, mediumship, energy work, chakras, alchemy, tantra, spiritism, magic, channelling, mysticism, shamanism and more wisdom that has no name was revived within myself.


A deep inner cleansing, transformation, alchemical change and healing happened over a period of many years inside of me. The deep de-conditioning and purification processes were essentially the outcome of my participation in the different meditations Osho had given. The courses and trainings were the framework where I could experience and explore myself in a safe and confidential space. The company of others who were also transforming, healing and searching added to my inner growth. Love, joy and celebration were surrounding me like a constant perfume, a nourishment for my whole being. And meditation was and still is the real medicine.

I participated in many precious courses and trainings. Nothing had been my logical choice, I did not have any goal. On the contrary everything just began to happen and I remembered how to flow with a basic trust into the unknown. I experienced the phenomenon of blessings and grace, often called in the western world 'a miracle'.


And then, I was invited to share what I had learned and discovered and sharing became my love and joy. In 1993 I began to work as a Osho Prana Healing session giver and training assistant in the former School of Mysticism at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune (India). Some years later I began to lead my first Wise Women and Heart groups and this was soon followed by leading all of the Osho Prana Healing trainings.

Since 1996 I am facilitating a variety of groups and trainings at the OIMR in Pune (India) as well as other places mainly in the Far Eastern Countries (Taiwan, Japan, China), in Europe (Switzerland, France, Spain, Greece, Israel, Russia) and in Mexico. And now almost 30 years later, I still enjoy sharing, teaching and being an inspiration and support for others.

All the programs are meant to support you on your own individual path, so that you can grow and expand in an easy way. The tools I use are energy work, awareness techniques, energy healing, shamanic, tantric and esoteric methods and most important of all, the various meditations created or given by Osho.

Jivan Ananta

I have completed trainings in

Osho Prana Healing (Module 1, 2, 3 Shock Release), Channeling, Metaphysics, Osho Neo-Reiki (I, II and Master initiations), Energy Reading, Shamanic Trance Dance, Woman work inspired by Osho, Aura-Soma© (Level 1-3), Kinesiology 3in1 Concepts, Hypnosis for Meditation, NLP, Colorpuncture, Transmitter Relay, Polarity, Acupressure and other holistic healing methods.

I am a facilitator for

a variety of workshops, courses and trainings (see keywords below)

OSHO Meditative Therapies and the OSHO Meditations

I also facilitate the ancient method of Darkness Meditation (Course & Retreat) and various of the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (OSHO Book of Secrets) meditations according to Osho's comments and guidance.


I am a trainer for

OSHO Talking to Your BodyMind

OSHO Meditations

Osho Prana Healing, Channeling, Metaphysical Reading, Osho Neo-Reiki Master

Here are some keywords for the content of the many workshops, courses and trainings I am facilitating and teaching:

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