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The Online School

In my Online School you can experience yourself beyond limitations, de-program and de-condition, expand and move beyond the known.


You can learn about your human system and potential. You naturally grow in your awareness or in other words - you evolve.

The matrix of your mind does not need to be solved.

In the various programs you can discover that the mind is a great tool for living your life and you can also discover that the real you is beyond your body-mind system. 


This is the beginning of a new and conscious way of living. You are part of an incredible miracle called 'life'.

As many mystics say 'you are energy and consciousness'

and in these programs you can experience this ultimate truth within yourself.


All the courses and retreats teach methods to release, transform and heal.

The essence of the whole program is the experience of meditation.

Jivan Ananta Online School

The Online School is taking a break.

Soon you'll find the complete program covering courses on 


Chakras and the Subtle Bodies

Centering and the Source of Life, the Hara

Inner Man&Woman Alchemy

A way to Freedom - De-Conditioning Womanhood

and more surprises ...


as videos on demand here.

You can then make your choices and participate

in any of the courses in your own style and time.

I am currently working on the course videos,

enjoying the creativity to prepare them.

It will take a little time ...

Be patient 💛 and visit here again.

In the meantime and as always,

remember that life is

a school and a gift, both.

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