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Online School

In this Online School you can experience yourself beyond limitations,

de-program and de-condition,

reconnect with your authentic and true nature

and expand and move beyond the known.


You can learn about your human system, about being human.

By becoming more aware of yourself,

you naturally grow into your potential or

in other words - you evolve.

The matrix of your mind does not need to be solved. 

With meditation you can learn the ways of becoming aware of and of moving beyond misunderstandings, struggles and conflict created by the content of your programmed mind. 

Meditation is a deep cleansing, a healing of your inner - it is the ultimate medicine.


The moving beyond suffering is also called 'Transcendence'.

It indicates a shift into a higher level of being and living.

A more conscious way of living and the flowering into your true potential,

which is indicated by the term 'Awakening'.

You are part of an incredible miracle called 'life'.

As many mystics say 'you are energy and consciousness'

and in these programs you can experience this ultimate truth within yourself

and apply it to your daily life.


All the courses and retreats teach methods to release, transform and heal.

The essence of the whole program is to support you in your inner well-being and awakening.

Currently the Online School is taking a break.

Soon you'll find the complete program covering courses on 


Centering and the Hara

Inner Alchemy and Male-Female Polarity

Chakras and Subtle Bodies

Aura Reading and Channelling


as videos on demand .

You can then make your choices and participate

in any of the workshops and courses in your own way.

I am currently creating the various course videos,

which takes a little time...

Please visit again after a while.

In the meantime I am available for Private Sessions.

You can get all the info and details following the button below.

Ananta Online School Chakras
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