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One to One

Treating yourself with a One-to-One Session gives you a personal space and time for your individual healing. The sessions are meant as a support for you on your path in life.


Jivan Ananta Sessions

Currently I offer the following one-to-one sessions:


Open Session

Energy Reading

Please read the description and details below before making a booking.

Open Session

In this session called Open Session you are encouraged and supported to turn your attention from the outside to the inside and to learn from your inner world. It knows the way to your healing, well-being, happiness and fulfillment.


The solutions or answers that you might need are always available inside.

During a session you learn how to listen to the language of your inner, how to flow with your life energy, how to relax into your truth and how to manifest change into your outer life in an easy way. This will synchronise and align you with your deeper self. You can call it your soul, your being or your so-called life purpose.


You can choose this session to transform anything that creates stress in your life, anything that can be better such as anxiety, depression, behavioural patterns, addiction and other disharmony in your life.  You learn new ways in helping and supporting yourself that you can use in your daily life after the session.


I use various transformative and meditative techniques to support you. The methods are energy healing, inner alchemy, male-female balancing, alignment, woman work inspired by Osho and others.


The session happens live online via Zoom. 

Energy Reading

Energy Reading is a way where I am available for you like a mirror describing energetic patterns in your energy field, your Aura. These energetic patterns in your Chakras and Subtle Bodies (layers of your Aura) are the roots of your self-image, behaviour, actions and life patterns. They may carry valuable karmic learnings, longings and perhaps unknown qualities and talents. Energy Reading is 'a seeing' into the subtle world.


During the session often a healing of the past, more clarity for the present and/or a guidance for the next chapter in your life happens. It can be a process of a deep healing and letting go. And in this inner relaxation hidden aspects of yourself can show themselves. You become more conscious about who you are. 


I am describing with words what is shown to me as images, symbols, visions, feelings, emotions, body sensations, words and sounds.


The Energy Reading is a distant treatment. I record the complete session and send it to you after the session for listening. This can be your further healing and support.

Practical Information

The time format of a session is 60 or 90 min.

I also offer session packages (3 x 60 min. session)

for deeper experiences.

The session language is English.

You should be 18+ years of age to book a session.

If you need a translator, please check with me beforehand if this is possible due to the various techniques I offer.

If you have any medical condition or 

if you are in any kind of psychotherapeutic treatment,

please contact me for further evaluation before booking.

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