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Chakra Intensive

Energy and Consciousness

Hara - The Source

The Hara is the source of your life energy and Osho calls it ‚your navel chord to existence’. The Hara has been known as a centering place particularly in martial arts. Experiencing the many layers of your Hara will naturally reconnect you with your center, a limitless abundance of energy and the mystical experiences of your 'inner home’. This process of moving deeper and deeper transforms stressful states (anxiety, confusion, over-reactive, being lost, low energy, etc.) into a natural relaxation. It is a healing of deep fears opening to your natural trust and strength. A journey to your home inside reconnecting you with existence.

It relates to the physical belly, 2 inches below the belly button and to the color black.


Chakras - The Expression

The map of the 7 Chakras is a profound way to become more aware and clear about yourself and your life. The Chakras were discovered thousands of years ago in India by the original founder of Yoga, an enlightened mystic called Patanchali. Chakras represent a deep understanding of our human nature and were also discovered in other ancient spiritual traditions such as the Sufi (7 valleys), Zen (7 lions), Buddhism (7 lights or 7 lamps), the Bauls (7 Lotuses). 

Chakra means ‘wheel’ and is essentially an energy centre.

Every Chakra has a connection with a certain subtle- or energy body. Each Chakra can be also understood as a different expression of life energy that a person might experience as different vibrations, qualities or colors. These different energy vibrations create our daily life experiences. With each Chakra your state of consciousness changes. 

You can also understand the Chakras as a map of the evolution of a human being, a map of energy and your consciousness. These Chakras are full of unexplored potential and inner support. 

You are much more than what you think you are. The Chakras are inviting us to expand and move beyond our limitations, personality or in other words our self image. Spiritual growth is about expansion and this means our life can become more conscious and that brings all the good.

Chakra 1 - Passion

Our 1. Chakra is the energy centre that is associated with the basics in our life. Issues and stress connected to money, the physical body, our health, genetic heritage, home, food and sex are all rooted in this Chakra. Also restlessness, the need to control everything and being a so-called workaholic relate to tensions in the 1. Chakra. These energetic tensions or blocked energies do not allow you to really live spontaneously but keep you on the level of fear. You are not really living but surviving. Once the energy is flowing naturally you experience yourself as feeling grounded, trusting life, full of vitality and aliveness and life becomes an experience of fun and happiness.

It relates to the physical body (pelvic region, legs and feet), the colour red and the element earth.


Chakra 2 - Pleasure

The 2. Chakra is an opening to the world of feelings, needs, sensitivity, sensuousness and pleasure. Whenever the energy is not flowing well, a person has conflicts in relating, especially in intimacy. Often a person feels a deep sense of unworthiness. The 2. Chakra relates to the 2nd energy body,  also called Etheric body. Once the energy is flowing well, a person  experiences intimacy as a pleasurable flow of relating with yourself, the other and the whole. Life becomes an abundant experience of meeting and melting, of relating.

It relates to the physical belly area (including lower back), the colour orange and the element water.


Chakra 3 - Yes I Can

Our 3. Chakra is the seat of your individuality and power. But what is power? What does this really mean for each one? How does it affect our life, our relating, our work, our creativity? Do you find yourself comparing, competing, judging or blaming ... the world, others or yourself? Is our life filled with strategies, manipulation and conflict or perhaps with a feeling of resignation and depression, victimhood ? The 3. Chakra relates to the ‚world of the I or ego’ and to the so-called Astral body or emotional energy body. A relaxed 3. Chakra gives us the experience of our integrity, our individuality and dignity.

It relates to the stomach area and the joining internal organs, the primary emotion of anger, the colour yellow and the element fire.


Chakra 4 - Just Be

The 4. Chakra is also called the Heart Chakra. The heart as a state of our consciousness that opens the inner doorway to the so-called state of ‚being here and now‘. Discovering that we can shift our inner awareness from the head to the heart, from thinking to being, allows a transformation and opens the door to real love. Relaxing into the spaciousness and acceptance of the heart opens a new way of living - the way of the heart, the way of love. The 4. Chakra relates to the energy body called the mental body. 

It relates to the physical chest area (including the backside), the colour green-pink and the element air.


 Chakra 5 - Expression

Everybody longs for freedom and personal expression. Everybody wants to create a meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle for themselves. The 5. Chakra is the seat of our creativity that gives us the experience of communication and expression. This can be with our voice or our body. This can be speaking, dancing, painting, writing or any other creative artistic expression. This Chakra is the highest seat of your individuality, which is commonly called ‚the soul‘. It holds our basic belief structure which creates our reality. The related energy body is called the spiritual body.

It relates to the physical throat area (including the neck), the colour turquoise-light blue and the element ether.


Chakra 6 - Seeing

Whenever you turn inward your 6. Chakra gets activated and nourished. This energy centre has many qualities such as telepathy, clairvoyance, visions and so-called psychic powers. These qualities usually are not developed. With meditation and the expansion of our consciousness this centre gets activated. It can become an inner support where you can receive guidance from the cosmos and have the possibility to experience higher dimensions or contact with light beings. This Chakra represents the so-called cosmic consciousness and relates to the energy body called the cosmic body.

It relates to the physical head area, the colour blue-purple and has no element.


Chakra 7– Union

The 7. Chakra is the state of ultimate union or unity with existence. It represents the highest state of our consciousness, the ultimate potential of every human being. It is like to be on the peak of a mountain where the journey is completed and there is nothing left to do. This Chakra is nourished and activated by meditation. One of the expressions of this state is celebration. Another can be union, unity, emptiness, eternal silence -  all various aspects of the ultimate oneness as a state of our consciousness. The related enery body is called Nirvanic or universal body.

It relates to the top of the head area, the colour white and has no element.

Man is a rainbow, all the seven colors together. That is his beauty and that is his problem too. Man is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional. His being is not simple, it is a great complexity. And out of that complexity is born the harmony we call God: the divine melody.

So the first thing to be understood about man is that man is not yet. Man is only a possibility, a potentiality. Man can be, man is a promise. The dog is, the rock is, the sun is... man can be. Hence the anxiety and anguish -- one can miss too; there is no certainty. You may flower, you may not flower. Hence the shivering, the shaking, the trembling inside: "Who knows whether I will be able to do it or not?"

Man is a bridge between the animal and the divine. The animals are tremendously happy - of course not aware, not consciously happy, but tremendously happy, unworried, non-neurotic. God is tremendously happy and conscious. Man is just in between the two, in limbo, always wavering - to be or not to be?

Man is a rainbow, I say, because a rainbow will give you the total perspective in which man can be understood - from the lowest to the highest. The rainbow has seven colours, man has seven centers of his being. The allegory of the seven is very ancient. In India, the allegory has taken the form of seven chakras: the lowest is Muladhar and the highest is Sahasrar and between these two are five steps, five more chakras. And man has to pass through all these seven chakras - seven steps towards the divine.


Excerpt from a discourse given by Osho

The Divine Melody, Chapter #3 

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