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Jivan Ananta Chakras

The Online School

In my Online School you can experience yourself beyond limitations, de-program and de-condition, expand and move beyond the known.


You can learn about your human system and potential. You naturally grow in your awareness or in other words - you evolve.

The matrix of your mind does not need to be solved. In the various programs you can discover that the mind is a great tool for living your life and you can also discover that the real you is beyond your body-mind system. This is the beginning of a new and conscious way of living. You are part of an incredible miracle called 'life'.

I love the Chakra work. Chakras are great teachers, they give us the experience of our multidimensional energetic reality and being. We are not only what we think we are, we are much more. The Chakras are not simply a concept or a philosophy. They are a great map showing us our beautiful complexity and our potential as a human being.

As many mystics say 'you are energy and consciousness'

and in these programs you can experience this ultimate truth within yourself.


All the courses and retreats teach methods to release, transform and heal. Most essential to the program is the teaching of meditation.

Here is my invitation:


Your 7 Chakras
9 - 13 June

Energy Healing Alignment Expansion

In this retreat you can discover and experience your Chakras.

You learn techniques to release tensions, heal old wounds and

discover inner hidden powers and talents.

You learn where you can grow and expand and where you can find nourishment and rest. Discover that everything you need is already available inside.

You also learn meditation techniques specifically related to the 7 Chakras.

Retreat Fee: 110€

Practical Information

A Retreat @home is an online program with

1,5 hours daily live teaching via Zoom plus home practice.


We meet every day from 06:00 - 07:30pm CET

The retreat language is English.

You should be 18+ years of age to book a retreat program.

If you have any medical condition or if you are in psychotherapeutic treatment,

please contact me for further evaluation before booking.

If you have any further questions,

you are welcome to send me a message via the contact form.

Here is some general information about the human map of the 7 Chakras:


As a human being we all have the same energetic system. You receive your basic life energy from the universe through the so-called inner center, the Hara. It is like a navel chord to life as such. From this center your life energy flows through the Chakras.


These Chakras are energy centers giving you the possibilities to share energy in certain frequencies, vibrations or colours. We experience these frequencies as our different human qualities. Energy can become your physical action, a feeling or an emotion, a thought or love or .... everything essentially is energy. 


The Chakras also represent different levels of consciousness. For example, a politician acts from a different level of consciousness than a yogi or a mother or an artist, and so on ..... and, this is the colourful mix of human life. The choice that we have in our life is that we can evolve to a more conscious way of living, we can awaken. Being fully awakened or enlightened is everybody's ultimate potential as a human being.


Chakras were discovered thousands of years ago in India by the enlightened master Patanjali, who is considered to be the original founder of Yoga.

Chakra means ‚wheel’ and the Chakras are primarily energy centers. They exist to support the flow of our life energy. Once the Chakras function well your energy is flowing well and you are well. The map of the main 7 Chakras gives a wide understanding not only regarding your physical health but also your psychological and spiritual well-being. Each Chakra is a different expression of your life energy and each Chakra is also a different state of your consciousness, which you might experience as different parts of your personality.


These different energies of your Chakras create different life situations and experiences. For example when you train at the gym you might feel different than when you share your love. Or working in the office is different from dancing to your favourite music. Life is our school and gives us so many possibilities to experience ourselves.


Tensions in a Chakra will manifest as difficulties, problems and challenges in life. A Chakra where the energy flows well will be a pleasant positive experience, something you like, you enjoy and love in your life.  And each Chakra has a connection with the physical body as well as the related Subtle- or Energy Body. The Subtle Bodies are layers that create your Aura or energy field.


In the Chakra retreat you can experience your Chakras, learn how to release tensions, let old wounds heal and discover inner hidden powers and talents. Becoming more aware of your inner world naturally opens in an easy way to the experience of meditation.

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