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The Online Temple offers various programs for all who want to learn and experience meditation. It is said that meditation is 'the medicine for the soul'. My name is Jivan Ananta and I am welcoming you to this online temple.

All the enlightened masters are teaching the same ... they are saying 'Turn Inside'. If you are wondering where to start and how to do this 'turning inside', how to meditate, how to live a life in love, peace,  joy, trust, harmony and bliss .... your are very welcome to participate.


is a Sanskrit word, originating in ancient India and used as a greeting. There are many meanings andI like this one: 'The Divine in me bows to the Divine in you'.


 Every Sunday 10:30 am 

  Europe Time 


for the Heart

  1, 8, 15, 22, 29 August 

 Zoom Meeting ID 884 0777 5930 

Every Sunday I offer a different meditation from the world of Osho. For the whole month of August I have chosen techniques that use the heart as a door to meditation. Each meditation lasts about 90 minutes and I facilitate in English. The meditations are suitable for everybody except children.

The meditations are by donation, you pay what you can or like.

Moving from the head to the heart is the first step of any authentic meditation. And the second step, you don't have to take. It happens on its own accord. And there are only two steps. One you have to make, that is from head to heart. And the other happens spontaneously on its own accord. You simply relax and you will find yourself slipping deeper and deeper, and one day suddenly, all is achieved. All that was missing has become available. The whole is yours. The whole mystery is yours.

Excerpt from a discourse given by Osho

Sat Chit Anand #2



... the courses take a break... come back after a while ....

Going inwards is the whole secret of all alchemical transformation of being. Running away is simply wasting tremendously valuable time, and a life that could have been a great song, a great creativity, a tremendous festival of lights. The farther away you are from yourself, the darker your life will become, the more miserable, more anxiety ridden, more wounded, condemned, rejected by yourself.

And the farther away you are the more difficult it becomes to find the way back home. You have been going away from yourself for many many lives, but if you move on a right, meditative path you are not gone very far.

Meditation is the short cut from where you are to where you should be. And meditation is such a simple method that anybody, even a small child, can enter into its wonderland.

Come closer to yourself to have a better look. Nobody else can see your inner reality; only you can see that splendor and that glory. Because nobody else can see your inner beauty they go on condemning you. Only you can assert your blissfulness, only you can assert ultimately your enlightenment.

Excerpt from a discourse given by Osho

Satyam Shivam Sundram #16


I am available for

Individual Sessions

Here is what I offer online or as a distant session.

An Open Session - online via Zoom 

In this session you learn how to access your own inner pool of wisdom, your inborn intuition. Intuition means 'to learn from inside'. You are encouraged to turn your attention from the outside to the inside and to follow your own inner knowing. You learn how to apply and how to manifest your inner wisdom and follow your own guidance. You can bring anything that creates stress in your life, anything you want to transform. I use various techniques to support you in your rebirth. The session happens live online and you can choose 60 or 90 min. duration. You can also choose a package of 3 sessions (each 60 min.).

Energy Reading - Distant Session

In this type of work I am available for you like a mirror describing energetic patterns in your energy field, your Aura. These energetic patterns in your Chakras and Subtle Bodies (layers of your Aura) are causing your behaviour, actions and life patterns. They may also carry valuable karmic learnings, longings and perhaps talents. Energy reading is a seeing into the subtle world. In this kind of session often a healing of the past, more clarity for the present and/or a guidance for the next chapter in your life happens. Is is a process of becoming more conscious. I am describing with words what is shown to me and the session will be recorded. After the session the recording is sent to you for listening. 

Aura Healing - Distant Session

This distant healing session is a connection from heart to heart and a transmission of light beyond the limitations of space. During the healing I use techniques based in meditation that allow me to be a healing medium and channel in a very natural way. Light is the healing remedy for consciousness and its power can dissolve tensions in your Auric field. Your tensions may be physical, emotional or mental and they might be karmic or belong to your ancestors. Healing means returning to your natural state and the remedy is of love and relaxation. During the healing you are invited to rest from all activities and simply be available to the healing. You receive a feedback after the session via a video-call or mail.

About Me

Osho and his vision for a new humanity, the vision of the so-called New Man or Zorba the Buddha are the foundation of my work. I always find it difficult to call it my work since I simply blissfully enjoy sharing. Sharing my own inner discoveries, healings and miracles. Osho is my spiritual love affair and master.

All the programs are meant to support. you on your own individual path and awakening. In my various programs you can explore yourself and you can learn meditation. You can experience states of no mind and find who you really are. The tools I use are energy work, awareness techniques, energy healing, shamanic, tantric and esoteric wisdom and most of all the various meditations created or given by Osho.

I have completed classical healing trainings in Osho Prana Healing®, Channelling, Energy Reading, Woman work inspired by Osho, Aura-Soma© (Level 1-3), Kinesiology 3in1 Concepts, Hypnosis for Meditation, NLP, Colorpuncture, Transmitter Relay, Acupressure and more holistic healing methods.

Other trainings included Shamanism (Shamanic Energywork, Trance Dance), Tantra (Tantric rituals and meditations) and Darkness of the Essenes (meditation events & retreat)

I am a Osho Neo-Reiki Master.

I am a facilitator for all of the OSHO Meditative Therapies and OSHO Meditations.

I am a trainer for Osho Prana Healing®, Energy Reading, Channelling, Chakra Intensive, OSHO Talking to Your BodyMind and all of the OSHO meditations.

In 1993 I began to work as a Osho Prana Healer at the former School of Mysticism at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune (India). And since then I travel around the planet following invitations and enjoy sharing ...

Here are some keywords for the various courses and trainings I offer:

Life Energy Hara Centering Chakras DeConditioning Inner Alchemy Head to Heart Transformation Transmutation Compassion Healing Aura Intuition Channelling Synchronicity Meditation Awakening Celebration

If you want to know more you can contact me below. To know more about Osho visit www.osho.com.

Thank You for your visit.

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