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My name is   Jivan Ananta 

and I am the teacher and facilitator for the programs offered here on this page.


The various personal and spiritual growth courses and sessions invite you to discover and learn more about yourself and your life. All the programs introduce you to experience what is meditation.

The different methods are a blend of western psychology, awareness techniques and ancient wisdom.

The programs teach you new ways supporting change and transformation in your life,

so that you can grow and evolve into your potential in total freedom.


My love and joy is to inspire, encourage and accompany you.

I love being a friend and a teacher both.

Osho, the enlightened Indian Mystic, and his vision for a new humanity, the vision of the so-called 'New Man' or 'Zorba the Buddha' are the foundation of my work.

The 'New Man' in my understanding points to our evolution as human beings. This great existential happening reflects in our individual experiences in daily life as change and growth.


It is a melting of the spiritual and material, the female and the male, the outer and the inner as the transcendence of all opposites into something completely new and unknown.

It is a closing of the Past and an opening for the New.


And this 'New Man', as Osho calls it, is the possibility for you and me and everybody to evolve into our true potential - being a conscious awakened human being.

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My work as a facilitator in the Online School and Sessions is a sharing of my own inner experiences, discoveries and learnings. All the programs I offer are meant to support and empower you and teach you various methods to learn and experience who you truly are.

The various Courses and Sessions invite you to explore your inner world and in this way naturally become more aware and conscious. Most essential and precious to all the programs is the teaching of the art and science of meditation, as the door to silence.


Discovering a reality beyond your personality, expanding your understanding about who you are as a soul or being and experiencing what love, peace, truth ... what life is ... is my invitation.

I teach Tantric Awareness Techniques (VBT) and - most precious - the great variety of meditations created or given by Osho.

The tools I use are ancient Shamanic, Tantric and Esoteric methods, Light Work, Alchemical Inner Transformation, Energy Healing, Prana Healing, Reiki and other holistic tools for spiritual growth.


For me meditation is the miracle door and if you move through that door, all is possible.

This is what I have found to be true.


Everything in existence is trying to tell you something - not only trees. The mountains, the ocean, the rivers, the sky, the clouds - everything is telling you something.


It is telling you that existence is eternal, that forms change but the essence always remains. So don't get identified with the form, get in tune with the essence. Your body is your form, your mind is your form; beyond both is your reality. And that reality has everything.

Your mundane life is only the superficial; your real life remains, in most cases, untouched. People are born, they live and they die - and without knowing who they are.


Excerpt from a Discourse

The Transmission of the Lamp # 9

And here is my intro and welcome to my  Online School .

This school offers possibilities to learn new ways for a more conscious living. 

A more conscious and deeper contact with yourself opens to all that is good in life

and teaches you about who you truly are and what life is all about.

For personal reasons I am taking a break from in-person teaching and sharing,

but soon you'll find the complete series of the 'Hara & Chakra' courses 

as well as the 'Inner Alchemy' and 'Woman's Liberation' programs

available here on this website as videos on demand.

Then you can make your choices, learn new ways and move on your own path,

expanding your life towards the good and light.

Your life is your school and it is also your gift.

If you are looking for a personal support, you can meet with me in a  Private Session .

I offer sessions live online via Zoom that you can book here on the website.

I also offer distant healings on request. Please contact me for details.

Click the button below to know more about the types of the Online Sessions.

Since the beginning of the 90's I also share in the beautiful oasis for meditation called the 'OSHO International Meditation Resort' in Pune (India).


It is my most cherished place on the planet. Many lovers, disciples, devotees and friends of Osho together created, maintained and expanded this place over decades with their various contributions. Osho gave specific guidance on 'how to do it' and while he was present in the physical body he spent most of the time in this place.


A unique experience and a great invitation.

Simply click on the pic or the link and you'll get all the information and details.

OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune (India), Ananta
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