Welcome to my website. My name is Jivan Ananta and I work as a spiritual&meditation teacher, healer, medium, facilitator, alchemist and channel. 

I am facilitating events, courses, retreats, trainings and individual sessions worldwide and lately also online.


Osho and his vision for a new humanity, the vision of the so-called New Man or Zorba the Buddha, are the foundation of my work. Osho is an enlightened Indian Mystic and Master and if you want to know more about Osho, you can visit www.osho.com.

I came in contact with Osho early in life in 1978. Since then my life has been an ongoing opening, healing, awakening and flowering into myself. I can also call it the rollercoaster of my own evolution. I experience life as waves upon waves, experiencing all the tastes of the great buffet of life. Osho gave me my name and it means Mother Life Endless.


My work is a new approach to personal and spiritual growth both and based on meditation and Osho's wisdom. In my various programs I invite you to experience your inner reality and this might unfold as an intimate journey into your soul, your spirit, your divineness, your Buddha nature. This can become a doorway to the sacred, to the mystical and to the unknowable of life itself. Yes - as you can go deep you can go high. And as your inner awareness grows you begin naturally to see who you truly are.


Authentic meditation is a completely natural state. It simply means spending time with yourself doing nothing, aware and relaxed, just being. And when you relax, you naturally experience all that is good – love, peace, harmony, joy and bliss - and there real life begins to happen. The word 'meditation' has the same root as the word 'medicine'. Meditation is therefore a medicine for your soul. Meditation functions as a deep cleansing from all physical, psychological and spiritual programming and influences and gives you the tool to reconnect with your being, just like a coming home inside.

Here are some topics of what I offer:

 Life Energy  

 Hara Centering 

 Inner Awareness 

 Inner Man & Woman

 Chakra Intensive


 Inner Alchemy

 Love & Compassion 


 Energy Healing 


 Power of Celebration 

 Waking Up 


All the programs are giving you support and empower you to discover your deeper reality and inner resources. You learn meditation and with this you can transform your life. The format of the various programs consists of energy work, Western psychology (Gestalt, psychodrama), awareness techniques, shamanic rituals, energy healing, tantric approaches, esoteric science and most of all the various meditations created by Osho.

I am trained in Osho Prana Healing®, Channelling, Energyreading, Aura-Soma©, Kinesiology, Hypnosis and NLP, Colorpuncture, Transmitter Relay, Acupressure and other holistic healing methods. I am a Osho Neo-Reikimaster and a facilitator for all the OSHO Meditative Therapies and Meditations.

In 1993 I began to work as a Osho Pranahealer in the former Osho School of Mysticism at the OIMR in Pune (India). And since then I am working with people facilitating meditations, workshops, courses and trainings as well as offering individual sessions. I share my work over more than 25 years and I met many people - old and young, men and women, poor and rich, belonging to many different cultures and races. This gave me a deep understanding of our common human nature as well as our great potential, our awakening and evolution.





I could never have imagined to offer online meditation programs especially not with my professional IT background (decades back). But, I love to share my inner abundance and so i created 'The Online Temple'. And this temple reaches and welcomes visitors from everywhere. I am amazed about our inter-connectedness and I welcome you to this new way of being together. The online temple can be something like your spiritual gym!

Here is the program:

I am offering the very ancient and yet timeless meditations from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. It is a collection of 112 meditation techniques and Osho has commented on each one in the 'The Book of Secrets'. Tantra means technique, Bhairav means beyond conscious and Vigyan means expansion. These techniques are about 5000 years old and are delivered as Sutras. Osho's comments support us to explore, experience and practice them in our modern life. 

The program consists of an experience of 6 different meditation techniques offered each Sunday afternoon. Each time you can experience a different door to yourself. Each meditation lasts about 90 minutes and is suitable and easy for everybody to participate in (except children). You should prepare a comfortable space where you can be undisturbed. In the end of each meditation we have a sharing space and you receive practical support about the practice of each meditation technique in your daily life.




New schedule arriving soon ...


I am also offering

Individual Sessions


Some important information for you in case an individual session feels like a good support for you.

You need to speak fluent English (no translator possible) so we can communicate with each other.

Please understand that an individual session does not replace therapy or medical treatment, however it can be an additional support. If you have any medical condition or receive psychotherapy treatments you can contact me for further evaluation.

Open Session 

In this session you not only get support for yourself but you also learn new techniques. These techniques can be your new tools for self care and self healing and you can use them any time in your life afterwards. You can bring any conflict, unclarity, problem, bad habit or anything else your want to heal and transform in your life. The techniques used in this session are a mixture of awareness techniques and energy healing.

A session often reveals and releases unconscious memories and clears your inner access to trust, love, balance, harmony and peace. And most important you become more aware of your multifaceted being. This can become a new basis for your life and your meditation. The session is offered live online via zoom.


Distant Energy Reading 

This session technique is suitable for any life issue, physical or psychological. I am available for you like a mirror describing whatever is shown as energetic patterns present in your energy field. These energetic patterns in your chakras and subtle bodies represent the deeper aspects of your life's learnings, longings and talents. I tune into your energy field and read through my heart whatever is shown to me. In this way the intelligence of your whole system is invited to rearrange and heal itself in a completely natural flow. Whatever is wanting to become conscious can have a space. I am describing with words what is shown to me and the session will be recorded. After the session the recording is sent to you for listening.


Distant Energy Healing 

Whenever life energy is not flowing harmoniously we experience dis-ease. This can be experienced in the physical body as a tension, pain, chronic imbalance or even sickness. On a psychological or mental/emotional level we experience blocked energy as ‘problems’ and issues, unconscious behaviour patterns, mental obsessions and more. This distant healing session consists of deep energy healing work that can help as a clearing, cleansing and harmonising of the energy field as well as the physical body. You will be resting during the session and receive a feedback at the end of the healing treatment via video-call or mail.

Booking and Payment

Most sessions last around 60-90 min. and I am charging by time.

I offer a discounted package of 3 sessions (each 60 min.) if you feel you want to go deep to the roots of yourself.

To book a session use the contact form below. Tell me which type of session you choose and the time you want to reserve (60 or 90 minutes). If you don't know what kind of session to choose, we can find out together. Once i receive your message, I will then let you know about possible dates and all further details.

And here is my contribution program at the

OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune (India).


For the moment the resort is closed due to the corona virus.

Let's hope for an opening soon of that wonderful and unique place.

I am so grateful for that sacred spot on the planet which gave me so much.

My new schedule will be coming up

as soon as there is a re-opening.

In the meantime there is the

OSHO Online program

with courses, meditation days and sessions offered by friends.

Check it out! Very recommended.


"Never forget the way.

It is very simple.

From mind to heart

and from heart to being

and from being to pure space.

This pure space is the Buddha."

(The Miracle #4)



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