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This is my offering for freedom and truth, for a more conscious life and authentic love experiences, for light, for the joy of expression, for the passion for life itself ... and for silence.


All the masters point to the same ... they are saying 'Turn Inside'. If you are looking for tools to get to know yourself better, to de-condition and let go of the false inside, to be more aware and grow into being truly a human or if you want to experience the power of meditation or if you have a longing for silence ... your are more than welcome!

What is our so-called       Life ?

Just a little drama, just a little playfulness and you are gone. Our so-called life is so momentary that one should not get attached to it. Its only function - only proper function - can be to find the immortal. Hidden behind every moment is the eternal. But you can go on moving on the surface, never going deeper into your consciousness. You will move for millions of lives on the surface like ripples. It is sheer wastage of an immense awareness that can open all the doors of your originality, of your creativity, of your beauty, of your joy. Each moment becomes such a dancing moment.

Source: Osho, The Original Man #2​


The Online Temple

With all the changes happening on the planet, I also changed my work to online sharing. I created 'The Online Temple' (fb, instagram) as an invitation to a virtual space and so the work can continue. Here is my program for the coming spring time. A really good time to review, renew and clean up, planting the new in your life! I offer online meditations every Friday evening (CET) and a series of weekend courses called 'The New Vision', using the map of the 7 Chakras

Online Meditations

Every Friday at 7:00 pm CET (Europe time) you can join, experience and enjoy a different meditation techniques. This is simply an invitation to experience different doors to yourself, so you can find the one that fits to you or that you simply enjoy. Enjoyment is 'a must' for meditation and meditation is essentially a deep relaxation. A door to yourself means a reconnection to what is called your true nature, your soul, your being, your Buddha inside - a coming home inside beyond thoughts, emotions, mind and body. The meditation event is for about 90 minutes and suitable for everybody to participate in (except children). If you have any further question about the meditation, send me a message. Once I receive your booking I send you the Zoom link for your participation.

Golden Buddha




Next Meditation :

Friday, 14 May

7:00 pm  Europe time

This is one of the OSHO Active Meditations and is a technique which uses sound and movement. In this meditation a gentle, unfamiliar language moves and speaks through the meditator, who becomes an empty vessel. Devavani is a Sanskrit term meaning 'Divine Voice'.
It deeply relaxes the mind and opens to an experience of deep silence.

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My methods of meditation are the ways that will make you expand your energy. Energy is like seeds.

One seed can make a whole earth green. One small sparkle or energy in you can fill the whole earth with dance, song, music. Just a little sparkle is enough. If you know how to expand it, it can become a wildfire. It may be just a little flame within you. Meditation is nothing but an effort to expand your inner flame so that you can become afire, aflame, aglow, overflowing.

Source: Osho, From Darkness to Light #24


The New Vision

Hara and Chakras

Since many years I am offering courses using the map of the 7 Chakras and the Hara. The Chakras are a human map and independent of cultural or religious conditioning. So i value it as one of the greatest support to expand and grow, to evolve and be more and more conscious about ourselves. Here are some introductory and essential words from Osho about our common human nature and potential:

The Hara center is the source of all your energy. It can grow just like a tree grows from the roots into different branches. According to a different calculation of Patanjali, the energy can be divided into seven centers, but the original source remains the Hara. From the Hara it can go up. The seventh center is in the head, and the sixth center is what you call the third eye. The fifth center is in our throat, and the fourth center is exactly in the middle: the heart. Below the heart there are three centers, above the heart there are three centers. But all these seven centers grow like a tree from the original source of the Hara. 


Between the first center, the Hara, and the seventh center in the head, the energy can move just like the energy moves into different branches of a tree - from the roots to the uppermost flowering. The hara is the source. When it blossoms, it reaches suddenly to the seventh center, piercing your heart, your throat, and at the seventh center it blossoms as a lotus. Man is also a flowering tree.

Source: Osho, The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Oneself #7


I have designed the courses in the way life energy flows. This life energy is also called your Kundalini. Chakras represent not only energy centers with different vibrations or qualities of life energy. They are much more! Each Chakras gives us a different taste of reality, the experience of a different state of consciousness. And in each Chakra we become a different part of our personality. And this is the great juice in life and also the great challenge. We all know this in our internal conflicts and the stress this creates in our daily life. The waves of Yes and No ... and, there is a way to expand and embrace all. And this is only one facet that the Chakra courses offer. Enjoy the variety and read in detail ...


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Each Chakra weekend course is a program for 3 hours per day (on Saturday & Sunday from 2-5 pm Europe time) offered online via the Zoom platform. The break in between the days is for your personal deeper exploration, you'll get a homework! The courses offer an experience and not a conceptual teaching. I use various techniques to support you in opening new doors to yourself. This naturally brings more understanding, expands your awareness and opens new possibilities in your life. The number of participants is limited so we can all fit on one screen and meet as a group in this way. Each course is complete in itself, so you can pick your own 'Chakra menu'. Please read the description of the courses since this will give you a link, an understanding about your life and the Chakras. And then you simply follow 'your calling'. The donation for each course is min. 115€.

If you need a more personal and individual support-space for yourself, you can choose one of the

Individual Sessions

Open Session

In this session you not only get support for yourself but you also learn new techniques. These techniques can be your new tools for self care and healing and you can use them any time in your life afterwards. You can bring any issue, conflict or problem, anything that creates stress in your life. I use various techniques to support a healing and a transformation. The session is offered live online via zoom and you can choose between 60 or 90 min. as a time space. I offer a discounted package of 3 sessions (each 60 min.) if you feel you want to go deeper into a specific issue or aspect of your life. A session will be 120€/60 min. and 180€/90 min. The package is 300€.

Distant Energy Reading

This session technique is suitable for any life issue, physical or psychological. I am available for you like a mirror describing whatever is shown as energetic patterns present in your energy field. These energetic patterns in your chakras and subtle bodies represent the deeper aspects of your life's learnings, longings and talents. I tune into your energy field and read through my heart whatever is shown to me. In this way the intelligence of your whole system is invited to rearrange and heal itself in a completely natural flow. Whatever is wanting to become conscious can have a space. I am describing with words what is shown to me and the session will be recorded. After the session the recording is sent to you for listening.

Distant Energy Healing

Whenever life energy is not flowing harmoniously we experience dis-ease. This can be experienced in the physical body as a tension, pain, chronic imbalance or even sickness. On a psychological or mental/emotional level we experience blocked energy as ‘problems’ and issues, unconscious behaviour patterns, mental obsessions and more. This distant healing session consists of deep energy healing work that can help as a clearing, cleansing and harmonising of the energy field as well as the physical body. You will be resting during the session and receive a feedback at the end of the healing treatment via video-call or mail.

The Practicals


Most 'distant' sessions last around 60-90 min. and will be 2€/minute. To book a session your need to book below. Please tell me which type of session you choose. For the open session also tell me the time you want to reserve (60/90 minutes). If you don't know what kind of session to choose, we can find out together! Once i receive your message, I will then let you know about possible dates and all further details.

And about Me

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I work as a spiritual&meditation teacher, healer, medium, facilitator, alchemist and channel. Since more than 25 years I am facilitating events, courses, retreats, trainings and individual sessions worldwide and lately also online.


My work is a new approach to personal and spiritual growth both and offered as a bridge to meditation. In my various programs I invite you to experience your inner reality and this might unfold as an intimate journey into your soul, your spirit, your divineness, your Buddha nature. This can become a doorway to the sacred, to the mystical and to the unknowable of life itself. Yes - as you can go deep you can go high. And as your inner awareness grows you begin naturally to see who you truly are and this is what is needed - a deep de-conditioning, a letting go of all that is false in you.


Osho and his vision for a new humanity, the vision of the so-called New Man or Zorba the Buddha, are the foundation of my work. Osho is an enlightened Indian Mystic and Master and if you want to know more about Osho, you can visit www.osho.com.


Here are some keywords for the various courses and trainings I offer:



... and above all Meditation !

All the programs are giving you support and empower you to discover your deeper reality and inner resources. You learn meditation and with this you can transform your life. The format of the various programs consists of energy work, Western psychology (Gestalt, psychodrama), awareness techniques, shamanic rituals, energy healing, tantric approaches, esoteric science and most of all the various meditations created by Osho.

I am trained in Osho Prana Healing®, Channelling, Energyreading, Aura-Soma©, Kinesiology, Hypnosis and NLP, Colorpuncture, Transmitter Relay, Acupressure and other holistic healing methods. I am a Osho Neo-Reikimaster and a facilitator for all the OSHO Meditative Therapies and OSHO Meditations.

In 1993 I began to work as a Osho Pranahealer at the former Osho School of Mysticism at the OIMR in Pune (India). And since then I am working with people facilitating meditations, workshops, courses and trainings as well as offering individual sessions. I share my work over more than 25 years and I met many people - old and young, men and women, poor and rich, belonging to many different cultures and races. This gave me a deep understanding of our common human nature as well as our great potential, our awakening and evolution.

And in case you are interested, here is my contribution program at the

OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune (India).


For the moment the resort is closed due to the corona virus. Let's hope for an opening soon of that wonderful and unique place. I am so grateful for Osho's oasis which gave me so much, so my contribution is also my Thank You.

In the meantime there is the OSHO Online program with courses, meditation days and sessions.

Thank You for your visit.

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